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I want to receive the replica watches sale or you have to pay for it then oexcedente of such transportation. Prior to this email, I received an email saying that your going to receive the replica watches sale within 10 days and I hope so. This was the first purchase made on your site and it is unfortunate not to have gone well because it intended to do more shopping. I urge you to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Thank you for email instructions which I have performed, unfortunately the replica watch sale still will not work. when moving the hands the right hand sub dial does not move unlike the other two watches replica sale. is it possible to send me a replacement watch? Please understand, I do not want 50% discount for another watch. I have already paid FULL price of 72USD for an Omega Seamaster Automatic watch with Chronograph. Sadly, Replica Watches has sent me a watch that is faulty - the stop watch (chronograph) function does not work. Replica Watches is totally responsible for sending a bad watch. How can I be confident that the 50% discount watch will work if the first replica watch sale you sent is faulty? Since you have not answered many of my questions and refuse to guarantee a replacement watch will work 100% I have very little confidence in any other watch from Replica Watches.


Replica Watches Sale